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Accidents and curiosities

At temperatures of almost 40 degrees in the shade, an IC car simply dived.

Our "rescue crane" in action to put wagons from the "fairway" back onto the track.

Pure nature.

Monster lianas.

"River guests".

In gusts of wind of approx. 10 m / sec, the ICE derailed and left the tracks in the direction of the Elbe.

A rarity, the Roman snail has lifted the taiga drum off the track.

Double traction ???

During shunting trips with "toad contact", the crocodile went into the Elbe, but the toad did not survive.

According to Murphy's laws, a train always derails in the most unfavorable place, e.g. on the embankment, or Gulliver (Rene) in Takatuka Land.

After an axle break on the last freight wagon of the freight train ahead, the V200 derailed with a "headstand".

Railway world in Kurort Raten
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