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Our partners

Prominent guests of the railway worlds in the health resort Rathen


"Ilse Behnert" Tom Pauls

"Erna is coming" Wolfgang Lippert



Anett Pötzsch-Rauschenbach, figure skating world champion, Olympic champion and European champion.


Our bobsleigh driver Francesco Friedrich, world champion, Olympic champion and European champion.


Our father, Prime Minister Stanislav Tillich, in private.



PIKO boss Dr. René F. Wilfer and Sales Manager Jens Beyer were with us on their tour of Germany.



On August 14, 2012, Hagen von Ortloff and cameraman Andreas Stirl were our guests for shooting the LGB Club film.



On the 2nd day of the new season, the Hartmanns from America, Hartmann Model Railroad Ltd .. visited us.


On August 6th, 2009 the Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony, Mr. Stanislaw Tillich, visited us.


The State Police President, Mr Bernd Merbitz, and the Secretary of State for the Interior, Mr Michael Wilhelm.


März 2008

The Saxon Minister of Finance, Mr. Metz retired,
opened the 2008 season.

März 2008

The Schmees family,
owners of the Pirnaer Edelstahlwerke and the Rathener distillery and Tomas Podivinsky, Consul General of the Czech Republic.


Robby Mörre, presenter of the MDR TV show "Auf kleine Spur" shot with his team for a day for his show in the railroad worlds.

Mai 2008

Our oldest guest so far, Mr. Erich Schurig, visited us at the age of 99 years and 10 months, together with his son Jörg Schurig.

Mai 2008

Choral society "Germania" Gerichshain e. V.

The club's motto is:
Harmony keeps us together, harmony unites!

Mai 2008

The Motorbike Veterans Club Königswartha and the Motor Veterans Club Hoyerswerda are guests of the Eisenbahnwelten.


Our friendly model railway club "Theodor Kuntz" Pirna eV stayed with us for its annual celebration.

Juni 2008

Hardy John
from the John Tourist Agency Olbernhau, our busiest bus driver who has already visited us several times.

Juli 2008

Martin Stollberg, photo journalist, and Eberhard Wein, editor, from the Stuttgarter Zeitung visited us to prepare a report.

Juli 2008

The Saxon Minister of Finance, Mr. Metz retired, is always happy to visit us.


The PIKO sales manager Germany, Mr. Jens Beyer, visited us and brought a pre-series model of the BR-80 to test.


The summer tour of the State Tourism Association brought prominent guests to us, including Ms. Marlene Mortler Member of the Bundestag and Chairwoman of the Tourism Committee in the German Bundestag and Mr. Andreas Lämmel Member of the Bundestag and President of the State Tourism Association of Saxony.


Visiting from far away, a tour group of LGB friends from America, LGB of America, visited us.


During their train tour in October 2008, the tour group from the Lotus Lokstation from Austria also visited us.



Saxony's Prime Minister Georg Milbradt

visited the railway worlds in the health resort of Rathen at the invitation of Klaus Brähmig, head of the tourism association.

Mai 2007

Mr. Daus, Long-time director of the DB repair shop in Witten in the Eisenbahnwelten.

Juni 2007

Thomas Birk, the longest Saxon, 2.17 meters tall,

visits the railroad worlds

Juli 2007

The Lord Mayor of Ditzingen, Mr. Makurath, and the local council of Heimerdingen visit the Eisenbahnwelten

August 2007

Günter Jergler, Kawasaki dealer from Ostritz, was our guest with his 107 motorcyclists on a trip.

August 2007

On the last weekend in August 2007 we were able to join the Marschallek family from Dresden as our 50,000. Greet visitors.

September 2007

The mountaineering choir Kurt Schlosser
used the premises of the Eisenbahnwelten at the 5th Rathener Felsenfest to prepare for its performance.

September 2007

55 children from Chernobyl
and their supervisors visited the Railway Worlds at the 5th Rathener Felsenfest.

More pictures in the Events section .

September 2007

The Modellbahnclub Glauchau eV
Elisabethstrasse 13, 08371 Glauchau as a guest in the Eisenbahnwelten.



The Saxon finance minister, Mr. Metz, the personal secretary of the finance minister, Mr Michel, and the district administrator, Mr. Geißler, visited the Eisenbahnwelten with the mayor of Rathen, Mr Richter.


Klaus Brähmig (Member of the Bundestag)

As in the previous year, informed himself about the construction progress.

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