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Construction progress December 2005

The roof of the future show workshop continues to take shape.

In the outside area, earth is still being moved, while inside the show workshop the floor is being renovated by Ralph and Frank.

Matthias, our model maker, moves into the temporary workshop space.

Rail strings and tangled cables, Rene and Rainer continue to tinker with the control.

Reiner is again making great sandstone models at home.


Construction progress November 2005

The cisterns for the water supply of the rivers are delivered and used.

This is what the rear part of the future system looks like from a bird's eye view.

Winter idyll on the site. The first snow is here!

Despite the first snow, construction work continues.

The roof of the future show workshop is covered.

The company Holzbau Kurth begins with the roof substructure.

Our architect, Mr. Frank Kühnle, coordinates the final details with the carpenters from the Kurth company.


Construction progress October 2005

On October 4th, 2005 the first box with LGB track material finally arrived.

The visitor paths are created and run through the property like lifelines.

View of the railroad world from the bastion.

Unfortunately our "mascot" Ludmilla had to be put to sleep because, according to the veterinarian, she was apparently caught in a trap.

Woe if we find the one responsible !!


Construction progress September 2005

The river bed of the Elbe is created. The first concrete will be poured in the next few days.

The "monk" looks at the railway world while the construction site wakes up at 6:30 am.

Step by step, things continue to move forward.

Our reliable partner, Albert, supplies the gravel for the first concrete.

The mixer is brought into position ...

... and Rene was appointed mixing master.

Modeling the first few meters of the Elbe is backbreaking work.

Rene and Rainer spent a weekend in the LGB training center in Amalienhof to qualify for digital control with the LGB multi-train system via PC. In the next few weeks, the first controls will be set up and extensive tests will be carried out. So far we are not aware that an LGB system of this size is anywhere completely digitally controlled with the LGB-MZS by PC!

Once again a big thank you to Willy Berger and his wife for the informative weekend in the Digital Service & Training Center for model railways in Römstedt,


Construction progress August 2005

The first real earthworks could finally begin. The asbestos water pipe was renewed and relocated.
The first sandstones have arrived and were brought to the appropriate places by a special crane.

After a long search, we dug up tipped sandstone jewelry on a heap.

The Königstein massif is loaded.

We would like to thank the ALBERT company from Bad Schandau for the generous stone donation!

The foundations of the later massifs are shaken and shaped.

The boss in the "Zittau Mountains".

On August 16, 2005 the rocks (here the future Königstein) were delivered.

All sizes and shapes are required.

On August 25th, 2005 the first rocks were placed in their final locations.

Straighten Lothar and Ralf on the foundation.

Made !!

The old asbestos water pipe is a thing of the past.

Impressions in stone.

Our building specialist Reiner in front of his small private complex in Meißen.

Real or model? What Reiner makes is always professional.

Electronics technician Rene 'develops the first light, effect and drive programs parallel to the outdoor work.

News from Ludmilla!


  • rain for days
  • then we had to find out that the asbestos main water pipe of the place runs along the lower property line on our property and must not be built over
  • During trial excavations for the future fence, we came across the supply lines of the Deutsche Bundesbahn, which (now we finally know) run along the upper property line on our property

Despite all the setbacks with a great loss of time (requests to relocate the main water line), the property continues to be cleared and the planning for the future visitor routes (red) and the course of the Elbe (blue) are progressing in our minds.


Construction progress June 2005

A total of around 200 tons of rubbish and rubbish was removed from the property.

The old trees were cleared. (Excavator driver Ralf)

This is how the "desert" emerged from the "primeval forest".


Construction progress May 2005

The purest jungle of old trees and lots of undergrowth is still on the site. Almost nothing gives an idea of ​​what will happen here.

Nevertheless, a few tracks are being built on which a few trains made their rounds on the family day "Fairytale Summer Time" on May 22nd, 2005 (Ande from Swabia at the "Aufbauhilfe-Ost").

Railway world in Kurort Raten
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