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There was plenty to clean after the storm.


Like every year, boarder Maximilian helps with the railroad operation.

Fidel and Finjas were also back to visit.

And Alexander helped mornings and evenings.

First long-term tests for pushing operation with control cars.

So far the tests are going very well.

The Rote Brummer is back in action after a long stay in the workshop.


The Bertsdorf train station has been repainted.

Also freshly restored, Laasenperle and Laasenhof.

The substructure for the road to the Czech Republic has already been re-concreted.

Butterflies everywhere in the facility.


The Kipsdorf station area had to be renewed because the ground had sunk significantly in some places.

The forecourt was also completely redesigned.

The track layout has also been changed.

The completely restored Kipsdorf station area.

The new LGB trolleys in use on the Weißeritztalbahn.

6 stars from Holiday Check for our pension!


Our 2018 season began right on time for Easter.

The large pond was cleaned and leaks repaired. The next generation of garden railroaders also helped.

This year there was an extremely high amount of pollen, not only were the buildings yellow, the pollen also settled in all the cracks in the vehicles.


We start the 2018 season on March 29th, 2018.

On March 24th, 2018 the now obligatory "Subotnik" took place in the Eisenbahnwelten in the health resort Rathen in preparation for the new season. Employees, family members, friends and members of the model railway club "Theodor Kunz" Pirna e. V. dug new cable ducts, pruned the faded bushes, removed weeds, cleaned up the system, graveled new tracks, gave buildings fresh paint and the "electronics technicians" replaced defective assemblies and cable harnesses. A colorful picture sheet.

Railway world in Kurort Raten
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