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A "Erlkönig" stayed with us for 4 days to test.


The senior brigade drills the long platforms in the control center.

For the first time the new parts are loosely put together.

3-D printing and CNC milled, everything fits perfectly, can go further soon.

The platform in Radebeul Ost is taking shape.

Guest ride of a Gatenbahn colleague.


Modellbahn TV is shooting for the presentation of the new LGB IV-K.

Back to school, of course several trains deliver the sugar cones.

The trains are tracked to the destination station.

Arrival at the handover point.


Renewal and expansion of the Radebeul Ost platform

New and, above all, longer platforms are being built.

It should be finished shortly before the holidays.

Every 3 minutes such a thing disturbs on the tracks ;-).

This time WPC decking boards form the new platforms.

Finished by the end of the vacation.


Beatrice and Lothar got married!

Ant attack on electronics.

Roman snails accident like every year at this time.

Since Heiko has familiarized himself well with the system control, "the electronics technician" was able to install a new additional route.

Also new, stop at Radebeul train station.


The stream in Oybin was the first watercourse that was created when the facility was built in 2005. Leaking with high water loss, it now urgently had to be replaced.

The corner at the waterfall before

The corner at the waterfall after


We started the 2019 season on April 5th.

At Easter, the control center was besieged by the youngsters.

The youth in the fight against the weeds.

New addition from PIKO, the BR-103.

Figure skating world champion and Olympic champion Anett Pötzsch-Rauschenbach visiting.

The hoarfrost in the morning in the first sunlight.


Like the years before, Subotnik, with our friends from the model railway club "Theodor Kuntz" Pirna e. V. and many friends.

Railway world in Kurort Raten
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