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Our children's group meets every two weeks; buildings are currently being built or renovated.

Our Kinder Modellbahn-AG baking cookies. The last meeting of the working group this year was all about Christmas. It smelled very good !!!

Andreas with full commitment on and under the Albrechtsburg, or maybe while cuddling with the underfloor heating?

Far from finished, but Andreas and Rainer are already planning the spotlights.

Lothar smiling happily as he sifted through his Winzbahn treasures.


The 2009 season is over and work is going on all over the facility.

Frank painting the wood of the new wooden hut.

Rene and Rainer repairing the track connections.

Andreas is running out of space in the workshop due to the individual parts of the Albrechtsburg.

The butterflies once again used a sunny moment at the end of November.

The individual parts of the Albrechtsburg leave the workshop for the first time for rehearsal, as there is no longer enough space in the workshop.


Morning mist

Thunderstorm in the evening

Our new working group now meets every 14 days.

The Albrechtsburg Meißen is currently being built in our overheated model making workshop.

The golden autumn has so far only been rainy and far too cold.

The Saxon steam shipping is maneuvering the jetties away with the Sachsenwald.

And the season also came to an end for our gardener Lyssi.


The morning mist conjures up wonderful moments in the landscape and our facility.

The television team from Oberlausitz-TV.

Tobias with his diploma.

The Bastei bridge is built.

Done, Schober Bau GmbH.

Die Basteibrücke entsteht.


 Lyssi and Vadd'l have their hands full with the landscape maintenance, with full traffic!

Andreas restoring, 30cm above the Elbe (on a model scale this is almost 7 meters!).

There is construction going on in every nook and cranny.

On August 6th, 2009 the Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony, Mr. Stanislaw Tillich, visited us.

The Kipsdorf train station was redesigned and the tracks were ballasted.

Small scenes emerge all over the facility.


July provided a constant change from intense heat and heavy rainfall.
Right at the beginning of the month, new building models found their place in our facility

The brewery Zum Gießer, in the middle of the picture Mr. Schmees Senior.

The Laasenhof with the owners Barthel Senior and Junior.

On the evening of July 2nd a strong thunderstorm raged over Rathen. A lightning strike in the neighborhood ensured that no telephone and internet were available for 5 days and our system was almost half down. After a day of repair work with some material expenditure, we succeeded in re-establishing train operations except for one railway line.

Despite the system being completely switched off, 4 control centers, 2 boosters, 3 computers, 2 interfaces and other smaller components unfortunately did not survive the lightning strike.

The Pension Laasen-Perle of the health resort Rathen with the owners Katrin and Carsten Bunk.

As in the previous year, the PIKO company used our system to record their models for the new 2010 catalog.
In addition to many tried-and-tested items, current pre-series models were also to be admired, which will be on the market in the next few months. As usual, PIKO is right on schedule and the new products are looking really good!

The Villa Bärenfett in Radebeul as a new model from our workshop.

The Lanz with trailer is a gift from the Frenzel family from Ahlfeld, thank you very much!


At Pentecost, over 2000 guests visited the Railway Worlds with SUPER weather.

New buildings are currently being built in the area of ​​the health resort Rathen.

The three-sided courtyard receives an access road and the corresponding planting.

The "MEC Pirna" thanked Lothar and Margot Hanisch and the entire team of the Eisenbahnwelten in the health resort Rathen for the support in the preparation and for the provision of LGB material for the MDR program "Mach dich ran".


The PIKO train is now on its way with the various freight cars.

New, the Stolpen train station has been relocated and new buildings and tracks have been added.

The actors of the Rathen rock stage also visited us at the family day "Fairytale Summer Time".

Young and old could also ride on a larger garden railway.

The company Axstone presented weatherproof, modelable and flexible sandstone for the model building sector.

The Sonnenstrahl eV Dresden, support group for children and young people with cancer, visited us and had a lot of fun.

The Sonnenstrahl eV Dresden, support group for children and young people with cancer, visited us and had a lot of fun.

The winners were drawn from all correct answers in the PIKO competition.


After 14 days of testing with reduced admission prices, we finally started the new season 2009 on April 7th, 2009.

The control center with sales shop has a new design.

New, the Langenwolmsdorf train station has been relocated and the corresponding buildings have been added.

Done, the Taiga drum will move the heavy coal trains in the future.

In the new season they had the longest journey so far, the Hartmanns from the USA.

The Stolpen train station is currently being built in the demonstration workshop.

Small details in many parts of the facility fascinate the visitors.

In the wonderful spring weather, many guests visited our facility at Easter and enjoyed the sunshine on the terrace.


Four against one is not always unfair, with a 300 kg "colossus", sometimes simply necessary.


Elimination of contact problems.

Everywhere in the facility is being cleaned, repaired, changed or expanded.

Our "new" model maker Andreas is building at Langenwolmsdorf station.

When clearing out the old adjoining building, everyone lends a hand, it is being torn down.

At the entrance is our new landmark, a double-winged signal, and a working station clock shows our guests in the facility what time it is.


After LGB had already filed for bankruptcy twice in 2006 and was then taken over by Märklin, Märklin / LGB has now filed for bankruptcy again. The personal conversation with the LGB division manager at the toy fair was frustrating, LGB cannot supply any spare parts. Still a ray of hope for us, the PIKO company is expanding its G gauge range.

The winter also had Saxon Switzerland firmly in its icy grip throughout February.

Rainer and Andreas, our new model maker, measure the train stations in Langenwolmsdorf and Stolpen. These will find their place in our facility as the next self-build.

Unfortunately, no train operations were possible during the rail experience days.


Since January 1st, the whole system has been sinking further and further into the constantly falling powder snow.

Only the chimney looks out of the 30 cm high snow.

New timetables are created in the control center because some route changes are being made.

Railway world in Kurort Raten
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