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Our 2014 season will end on November 9th. In 2015 we will open the new season again shortly before Easter.


It is autumn in Saxon Switzerland

Expansion in Zittau train station

Stolpen Castle seen from the air

Real steam in the railroad worlds on separate tracks

Andreas doing the final touches on the salamander plant

The Zittau industrial area made up of PIKO building parts


The park at Weesenstein Castle will have a pavilion with interior fittings

Bridge occupants on the main line, delays were accepted

View into the model workshop


Come out mouse

Sun and wind, ideal "laundry weather"


Only a model railway in nature offers that!

In the morning the Lilienstein is still in the fog

which doesn’t keep our dispatcher from having a morning nap.

But a dragonfly sheds its skin in peace in the midday sun.


Month of superlatives, huge heat and cloudbursts alternated

Guest rides of a well-known garden train friend

Guest rides of a well-known garden train friend

Guest trip of a Cottbus model railroader who specializes in Swiss models


Last work on the foundation of Stolpen Castle

"Aerial view" shortly before completion

View of the "Cosel Tower"

"PIKO-Erlkönig" for test drives, the new PIKO DR-Reko car

"PIKO-Erlkönig" for test drives, the new PIKO DR-Reko car

Grass snakes invasion, one of the larger specimens


In glorious sunshine, the model is almost indistinguishable from the original.

BR-64 and BR-218 below Weesenstein Castle

TEE on the main line

BR-64 at the Pirna signal box, which no longer exists in the original

During the first heat wave of the year (cats) it is best to stay in the shadow of the brewery


We started the 2014 season on April 4th, 2014. Already before, but also in the first few days, the system was brought back into shape, changes made and a new commuter route put into operation. Almost all buildings have already been restored and worn tracks have been replaced and narrow radii have been enlarged.

New, the commuter route on the Zittau narrow-gauge railway.

Almost all of the buildings have now been restored.

A foretaste of the new, part of Stolpen Castle is already finished.

Boss had a birthday, a round.

Our first visitors from Schwarzheide in 2014.

The detailing of the new commuter route is progressing.

The 11 o'clock train has to come through this tunnel?!?

Okay, there's still time, I'll take a nap in the shade until then!

Railway world in Kurort Raten
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