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The PIKO V-60 is here!


America is growing.

Replenishment of building kits.

The "inner life" of our mystical mine is created.

The mine is created.

First expiration tests.

The dwarf had to give way to the ghost ;-).

Snow White becomes mobile.

Snow White's first outdoor tests.

It won't be boring, a burst pipe in our parking lot, half of the Elbe side without water.


Working on our new mine.

First test drive to the new mine.


Prebischtor rehearsal

The coloring begins.

Decoration with figures, etc..

Our new BR-50 in the first set.

Our nohab in international long-distance transport.

ATTENTION, our filigree self-made constructions are NOT in daily use when driving!

Builders of the "diving goggles" Thomas Jaslau and Lothar Hanisch.

Our new Czech "diving goggles" in the BW of the Railway Worlds.


Outside, all available hands are used to curb the vegetation, warm and humid, everything grows enormously. For our new "Prebischtor" project, lightweight rocks are being created, as unfortunately there are no longer any sandstones weighing tonnes to be placed.


Difficult restart in Corona times. Although our outdoor facility is ideal to visit, the guests hold back a lot.

The first train in America is on its way.


The first cable tested positive and will make our system monitoring independent of the constantly disturbed WiFi.

The large pile of earth in Altenberg was cleared away by many hardworking hands.

There is space here for a new design and a larger loop.

The retaining wall was built from black ... heavy sandstone blocks and 1.5 m³ concrete.

There's a stone missing!

There will be a mine later!

The tracks in the 5 m long tunnel rest on WPC boards that can be easily removed as a whole.

Tracks on the retaining wall.

Looking towards the entrance.

First roll tests.

Inclines or declines at 3 %, otherwise the whole route is balanced.


Corona keeps the world in suspense! Only an emergency staff is active in the crisis. Almost 1000 meters of network cable were newly laid to be prepared for the future.

At the beginning of the month our signal was blasted and repainted.

Endless network cables!

The cables have arrived at the control center.


The construction company Schober is finished.


The mild January makes it possible to renovate and build on a larger scale! In the entrance area, the slope will be provided with a new retaining wall, which will soon be given a new railway line.

In order to stabilize the slope, a part was removed and a new retaining wall is being built here.

A new part of the system is being built behind our advertising pillar, America.

Large parts of the hillside greening have to give way.

A new tunnel is created.

Even the footpath had to give way for a new tunnel at short notice.

The retaining wall grows.

ATTENTION, our filigree self-made constructions are NOT in daily use when driving!

Self-made for us by a garden railroader friend!

Railway world in Kurort Raten
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