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Construction progress December 2006

Ralph Kühler and his wife break down their tents in Ditzingen (near Stuttgart) and return to their old home in Bad Schandau.

The rock castle Altrathen was built in our own model workshop.

On December 11th Our team celebrated Christmas in happy company and bowled until Santa Claus was identified.

Andre, our Swabian construction worker, is again sacrificing a whole week's vacation for the "Eisenbahnwelten" and is actively helping. Thank you Ande !!!

The future ICE line is ready at the front of the property.

The first ice floes are drifting past Königstein on our Elbe.

The functional model of the Rathener Gierseilfähre is created in the model workshop of our partner Accribis.

On December 15th The Rathen kindergarten and Santa Claus visited us.


Construction progress November 2006

The embankment for the ICE at the entrance to the Eisenbahnwelten is taking shape.

One of the bridges set over the Dippelsdorfer Damm of the Lößnitz dachshund.

Fortunately, the weather allows further planting of the front part of the facility.

And favors the growth of the plants in the rear part of the system.

Matthias during the construction of the Bad Schandau signal box.

A decorative entrance adorns the Rathen rock stage.

Reiner lays the last rails for the time being in the front part of the system.

Matthias during the construction of the Kurort Rathen train station.

On November 16, 2006, as in the previous year, Mr. Brähmig (Member of the Bundestag) visited us and found out about the construction progress.


Construction progress October 2006

The entrance area is being designed.

The area of ​​the loessnitz dachshund is created.

The steps to the house entrance are set.

Reiner laying the rails in our "Kreis-Viadukt" between Pirna and Heidenau.

The Rathen rock stage is being built, but the actors and spectators are still missing.

On October 17th, 2006, Mrs. Cselenyi, from the radio station Hitradio RTL Sachsen, visited us. A major PR campaign is planned for the opening of the Railway Worlds in the health resort of Rathen in April 2007.


Construction progress in September 2006

Reiner in the roundabout when bending rails.

Peter Hoppe and his wife on a visit, Peter assembles building kits for us.

Torsten and Ralph painted over 100 m of the river bed of the Elbe.

Rene and Dad "Vad'l" after successfully digitizing the Zittau - Qybin route.

Schober company building roads.

The future entrance is taking shape.

The green slowly increases, the plants grow.

The rear part of the complex is now almost completely planted.

On September 16, 2006, the world of railways in the health resort Rathen presented itself again at the open day of the tree nursery Kreiser in Kreischa.

The 4th Rathener Felsenfest took place on September 23rd and 24th, 2006 and our construction site was open to curious visitors. Many railway enthusiasts from near and far and many locals used this last opportunity to visit the railway worlds in the health resort of Rathen in all construction phases, from "construction site" to "almost finished".


Construction progress August 2006

With an energetic troop, the railway worlds in the health resort of Rathen are rapidly entering the second construction phase. At sometimes over 37 degrees, the time limit was also reached in July. Our new gardener Beatrice has worked seamlessly into the subject since July 1st and is an asset to Eisenbahnwelten. Our Kappo Ralf Kühler has had a serious motorcycle accident and is unfortunately out for about 4 weeks.


Get well soon - Over 1.3 km of rail substructure, 120 m Elbe bed, 40 bridges and viaducts, approx. 1.8 km of track, over 100t of concrete, 600m of lawn edging stones, 200m of path and 300t of stones were built in the area. With the knowledge that the construction time outdoors only lasts about 3 months and the opening date is getting closer, everyone gives their best.
In this way, we would like to express our great praise to all employees, interns, sponsors and volunteers for their achievements so far and encourage everyone to really step on the gas until the opening in order to achieve our common goal of building a garden railway system of this size that is of this size. to be reached on time.
There is still a lot to be done and we are convinced that this team will achieve the goal.

Lothar and Margot Hanisch


Two volunteers worked with us for 4 days during their vacation, Rene and Jonny.

The kindergarten children from Thürmsdorf have a lot of fun on a construction site tour.

Beatrice conjures up the first splash of color in the railway landscape.

Grandpa Reiner is constructing a new bridge on the double-track main line just before Bad Schandau.

Torsten is happy about a successful tunnel entrance.

In this roundabout, the trains will be coiled around 1m downwards on three tracks in the second construction phase.

After more than 200 m of tracks have been laid on the main line, Reiner is looking forward to the maiden voyage.

Impressions of the maiden voyage along the Sanstein Viaducts from Königstein.

Peter Hoppe - a loyal model train fan from Hohenstein-Ernstthal, assembles kits for our huge layout free of charge. He proudly presents 5 completed houses in his mini-workshop.


Construction progress July 2006

The tracks and tracks of several sections now run through the site.

Our landscapers are now bringing the first green between sandstone, concrete and clay soil.

Our "newcomer" Beatrice Prell.

On July 8th the 11th Elbe Swimming took place right in front of our property.

LGB Festival 125 years of Ernst Paul Lehmann in Nuremberg

On July 15th, 2006, Rene and Rainer spent a day at the LGB Festival in Nuremberg and distributed promotional items from the Eisenbahnwelten to the visitors. The interest was great and in the monkey-like heat stickers, business cards, pens and gummy bears went away like hot cakes.

The highlight for Rene and Rainer was, in addition to a factory tour, the expansion of our contacts to the Massoth company (Mr. Rösch in the picture) and a question time with the developer of the LGB MZS software, Mr. Schwarz.


Construction progress June 2006

For a year now the construction progress of the railway worlds in the health resort Rathen can be observed. The website has been visited over 4000 times so far, although it is still something for insiders, because it has not yet been registered with the search engines.

The course of the Elbe is getting longer and longer. The main line will be located on it.

The main house for the first time without scaffolding.

The Kirnitzschtalbahn is taking shape.

The first detailed bridge on the Zittau - Oybin line is finished and installed.

On June 9th , 2006 the Saxon finance minister Mr. Metz, the personal secretary of the finance minister Mr. Michel and the district administrator Mr. Geißler visited the health resort Rathen and were also guests with the Rathen mayor Mr. Richter in the railway worlds in the health resort Rathen.

As in the previous year, Ande from Swabia is providing "aid to the east", this time with his wife Inge.


Construction progress in May 2006

The first tracks are finally being built in the Zittau Mountains.

Lothar and Matthias mixing concrete.

And when concreting the tracks.

Rainer concreting the tracks.

Reiner when bending rails.

Frank building the tunnel.

Cleaner when cutting sandstones.

Mr. Große plastering the tracks.

Matthias Radtke dredging the water canal.

Finally the first test drives could be carried out in order to be able to present the railway worlds in the health resort Rathen at the family day "Märchenhaftes Rathen". Lothar, Ralph and Reiner, as well as everyone else in our team, could really be satisfied.

On May 13th, 2006 from 11 am to 6 pm there were guided tours of the construction site for those interested as part of the family day "Märchenhaftes Rathen". Over 150 curious guests listened to the explanations of Lothar and Rainer.

The Kirnitzschtalbahn will do its laps here one day.

Thanks to good preparatory work, more than 150 meters of track could be laid on May 23, 2006.

Reiner and Matthias laying the rails in the direction of Zittau.

Our new "employee" is a blue dumper.


Construction progress April 2006

The Elbe floods reached their maximum level on April 1st.

Rene is now creating the first track plans for the individual railway lines.

Lothar and Matthias begin with the first work in the field.

The buildings in the area of ​​the Zittau-Oybin line will be placed on a trial basis.

The future "crew room".

Tiler Matthias Weis at work.


Construction progress March 2006

The inner walls of the future show workshop will be bricked up.

The stairs in the house are finally here.

The wooden paneling of the future pension has been removed.

The existing miniature houses are now being renovated in the model workshop.

Rudis Pfiffi has left his little pile on the terrace.

Herbert ventilates again vigorously and has already put down his toilet roll.

Until a week ago, the snow had covered the whole area for the past 3 months.

When the snow melted, the Elbe quickly turned into a mighty river.

Today, on March 31, 2006, the Elbe has a water level of over 7 meters and the horror of the floods of 2002 is omnipresent again.

For the next few days, the apex is expected to be over 8 meters. Fortunately, the Railway Worlds are high enough, but unfortunately many people in the Elbe Valley are not so lucky!


Construction progress February 2006

On February 5th, 2006 Margot and Lothar Hanisch, as well as Rene and Rainer, were able to visit the Nuremberg Toy Fair on deposit from LGB.

The Heinze company from Bad Schandau installs the doors and windows for the workshop.

The workshop is slowly taking shape.

The concrete for the office is poured in.

Lothar visited Radeburg to sound out the track geology.


Construction progress January 2006

The floor of the future show workshop will be poured from concrete.

The concrete bubbles into the reinforcement.

The inner wall of the future show workshop will be bricked up.

The future attic apartment of the Hanisch family is taking shape.

The boss takes a first look from the new balcony.

Preparations for the future office are in full swing.

January 2006 Impressions at –18 ° C, the "Bergland" is stuck in the ice, while the "Ratiner" bravely fights through the ice.

News from the model making department, a Johnsdorf timber frame house.

There are also striking buildings in the area, here Altrathen Castle.

Railway world in Kurort Raten
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