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The season is over and the first snow can be seen.

Weesenstein Castle has now received almost 300 CNC-milled windows and is waiting for its roof in spring. We are going into the winter break and will be there for you again at Easter 2013. Get through the winter safely.


Suddenly land was under, the rainwater was literally up to their necks ...

... but there were still nice days.


Autumn showed its pleasant side.

Weesenstein Castle continues to take shape.

Parts of the LGB Clubfilm 2012 were shot in the Eisenbahnwelten.


The PIKO "Erlkönig" TEE stayed for a week for test drives in the railroad world.

Guest trip of a Saxon express train from 1927 with sä. VIII V1 by Michael Dathe.

Hagen von Ortloff stayed with Andreas Stirl from ModellBahn TV for filming in the Eisenbahnwelten.


The new major project, Weesenstein Castle in the original and the first side parts during a rehearsal.

Agreement of the "trades" on site on the necessary clearing and foundation planning.

New project by the chief electronics engineer, functional railway barriers.

The site is being prepared and the conifers cleared.


And the children's facility in TT can also be used.

First rehearsal of both rows of houses on Stolpen's market square.

Visit of a carrier pigeon in the facility for recreation and visit of the neighbor's cat in the depot.

When the weekends are finally sunny, the number of visitors increases.


Stolpen Castle and the Stolpen market square are being built as a new major project.

Stellprobe in der Anlage.

Every year again, "beach vacation".

Guest vehicle in the railway world in the health resort Rathen, "Taigatrommel" M-62 by Peter Ting, full brass model with Massoth technology.


Shortly before Easter our new street was finally ready.
Weatherproof elements from the manufacturers axstone and miniature concrete were used here.

The ferry also needed a thorough overhaul.


Preparations for the new 2012 season began on March 15th, 2012.

Unfortunately Rene and Vadd'l left us.

From the first groundbreaking, Rene had a strong influence on the system and technology and developed many things himself. Today he is back in industry in his actual job.

Unfortunately, Vadd'l had to pass his "green thumb" on to Anne, our new one for system maintenance, because of health problems. While Rainer instructed the new employee Hatem and brought the system out of hibernation, Andreas had his hands full renovating the numerous buildings.

Railway world in Kurort Raten
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