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The snow has melted again and the sun is hard to come out of the fog.

New in the complex is the guest house in the health resort of Rathen.

The new train station in Langenwolmsdorf is being built.

For the first time, the railway worlds in the health resort of Rathen present themselves at the Christmas market of the Königstein Fortress with our partner GeGa-Bahn - the passenger-transporting (!) Garden railway with real steam


Autumn brings us picturesque sunrises, while the Elbe Valley is still covered in fog.

A new three-sided courtyard is created.

And suddenly winter came.

Some travelers wait patiently at the train station of the Kurort Rathen while others in Zittau are heatedly discussing when the next train will leave again.

At the moment, however, rail traffic is completely shut down.


In wonderful autumn weather, many guests take the opportunity to visit us again.

During their train tour in October 2008, the tour group from the Lotus Lokstation from Austria also visited us.

Test of the Tatra tram T6 by Hermann und Partner from Dresden on 10.10.2008.

A guest's Harz camel, October 12th, 2008.

From our workshop, the model from one of our partner companies.

Annika and Yannick once again had a lot of fun helping with the operation of our garden railway during their vacation with us.

Autumn impressions in Saxon Switzerland, view from the railway world to the Bastei.


Construction progress September 2008

The summer tour of the regional tourism association led on 02.09. prominent guests, including Ms. Marlene Mortler Member of the Bundestag and Chairwoman of the Tourism Committee in the German Bundestag and Mr. Andreas Lämmel Member of the Bundestag, President of the State Tourism Association of Saxony, joined us.

The Kipsdorf train station is currently being built in our model workshop, once again one of the larger models.

The almost completed station will soon have its final siding.

Also new, the Malter train station.

At the end of September, PRO-7 filmed the reconstruction of the Weißeritztalbahn on the original.

And also with us, when the last bridge is given its final location. We will publish the date for broadcasting the report in good time.


Construction progress August 2008

Matthias puts the finished model of the Rathen villa from the architect Mr. Hülsberger into the system, thus closing a gap in the area of ​​the health resort Rathen.

Railway worlds on tour in the Seerhausen tree nursery !!!
Reiner and Rainer presented the railway worlds at the 3rd Saxon Garden Railway Day in Seerhausen.

Many bright children's eyes and many enthusiastic garden railroaders surrounded our stand.

Bea uses new water lilies in the Moritzburg pond.

The PIKO sales manager for Germany, Mr. Jens Beyer, visited us with his employees.

We are testing one of three pre-production models of the PIKO BR-80.

Brand new, the PIKO sliding wall trolley will be available in stores in the near future.


Construction progress July 2008

The Eisenbahnwelten take part in a Dresden tram advertisement for Saxon Switzerland

A regional waste disposal company uses a model for advertising purposes in our facility.

Not Bea on vacation, but Bea in the Nochten boulder park to get new planting ideas.

When the summer weather is nice, the number of visitors increases again.

Finally vacation!!!!!

A look into our model making workshop.


Construction progress June 2008

New to the facility, the Liebholdt holiday home, trainee Stefani Leuschke presents the model to Mr. Liebholdt.

Also new, the Meißen Triebischtal signal box from Reiner Hendrich's workshop, the old one was unfortunately stolen from us!

The railroad worlds seen from the bastion.

Tommy Ehnert completed a three-week internship with us.

Since mid-June in the facility, from Matthias's workshop, the Hotel Elbschlößchen, the original can be seen in the background of the left picture.


Construction progress in May 2008

New to the facility, the container train.

Loving details, where is the eagle?

Last resting place for garden railroaders, the right side is reserved for our team !!

Since dogs are only allowed to be carried in our facility if they are being carried in the arm, it was not a problem for these guests.

Benjamin Wurst received the first "Eisenbahnwelten Diploma" for little helpers.

The next little helpers have received their "Railway Worlds Diploma".

Saxon IV K with stylish baggage car, short loan from a Leipzig visitor.

Guest trip by a guest from Cologne, Mallet with a firing railway gun.


Construction progress April 2008

The first catfish in the Moritzburg pond.

As the number of buildings in Rathen continues to grow, the rock castle was given its prototypical higher standing location.

Robby Mörre from MDR filmed for a day in the railroad worlds. On Pentecost Sunday, May 11th at 4 p.m., a report about the world of railways will be shown in the program "Auf kleine Spur".

On the last weekend in April, the 11th Elbe Marathon passed the Eisenbahnwelten.

The first station of the Weißeritztalbahn is ready, the Freital station.


Construction progress March 2008

View from above of the construction site of the Weißeritztalbahn.

New on the complex, 4 Sweden houses in the Moritzburg area.

2005 - Hard to believe, the boarding house of the railroad worlds in a model

2008 - Pension der Eisenbahnwelten in a model

A wooden train, playground for the little ones.

New in the complex, the Deciner City Palace.

Lively construction activity in the area of ​​the Weißeritztalbahn, the planting is also progressing.

The youth of the FSV 1924 Bad Schandau in the jerseys sponsored by the Eisenbahnwelten in the health resort of Rathen.

And suddenly the winter was there again and brought a closed blanket of snow.


Construction progress February 2008

On February 8th we visited the Nuremberg Toy Fair and of course also visited our partners LGB, Piko, Massoth, ESU, Seuthe etc.

The Railway Adventure Days took place in Saxon Switzerland on February 16 and 17. At temperatures around freezing point, numerous visitors took the opportunity to experience the world of railways once in winter.

The tracks in the future area of ​​the Weißeritztalbahn are ready.
The first bridges have been set and the train stations are currently being built in our workshop.

The first houses are already there.

The bobsleigh run in Altenberg is taking shape.


Construction progress January 2008

The expansion continues on the system and necessary maintenance work is carried out.

The caretaker's workshop has now moved into the basement of the guesthouse.

In Matthias' model workshop, additional building models are created based on specific models. Here the model of the distillery in Rathen.

Matthias with the "cigarette after", because the Sparkasse branch in Pirna-Sonnenstein is also finished.

Frank beautifying the guest room.

Horst takes a liking to dumper rides.

Railway world in Kurort Raten
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