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On October 7th, we celebrated our 10th anniversary on a small scale with former colleagues and partners.

Address from the boss

Our mayor mister judge

Many visitors to Saxon Switzerland took advantage of the golden autumn.


September was all about the renovation of the Weesenstein Castle Park.

The old lawn carpet had had its day.

Transfer the markings to the new lawn carpet (note the color of the shoes).

The new lawn carpet lies.

The marked out paths are already "hairless" with the Bunsen burner.

Now the split is on its way.

Now the final decoration can be done.


The Moritzburg pond was pumped out and cleaned.

In order to take the pressure off the slope, the pond is now almost a meter shorter and there is space available for additional track systems.

Fill with fresh well water and put the fish back in.

Two new fountains installed, fish and plants will thank you.


The railway worlds were not spared from the short but violent storms either.

Fortunately, everything can be glued again

Or simply attach to its location.

The "big" train had also been hit, trees had damaged the overhead contact line! Train cancellations and barriers closed, the place almost cut off from its surroundings for several hours.


Finally back in action,

Even when it rains, he always conjures up new soap bubble creations.

A new bubble mix brings new effects.


The PIKO locomotives in scheduled operation.

The weather in May would have suited April too.

Preparations for restarting the Pustefix!

"Budenschwung" in the workshop.

Tommy is clearly the leaner electronics technician

And therefore had to replace the rail connectors as a "cable ferret" in the depot.


She is there !!! Like every PIKO innovation, the new one from PIKO, 118 214-6, was delivered on time.

Easter can come!

New panorama car in Switzerland.


At the end of March, the system was brought out of its hibernation, repaired, cleaned and redecorated. A big thank you to all employees and their relatives, local friends and the many members of the MEC "Theodor Kunz" Pirna e. V., for the active help.

Welcome and division of the teams

The piece of original track is relocated.

Buildings and ships are cleaned.

Buildings get new colors

Green waste

And even more green waste.

"Root neck cut", my specialty!

There are even trains running there!

Gabi redecorates the zoo.

Work is going on everywhere.

And paint roofs again.

Lidia is replanting the flower boxes.

"The new one" (Tommy of the system control) is allowed to solder rails right away.

"The new one" (Andrea from the gastro) when painting.

Bea in the weeds.

Changes behind the zoo.

The Bertsdorf train station will be moved a little.

Heiko in the Elbe.

For the physical well-being was well taken care of. Thanks again to all the helpers!

Railway world in Kurort Raten
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