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Winter set in punctually on December 1st.

approx. 30 centimeters of the finest powder snow.

There will be no train here soon.


The last buildings of the Meissen Cathedral are being built in our model making workshop.


October was at its best during the holidays.

Many guests from all federal states were guests.

Offspring with Horst and Sandy.

New in the facility, the Lichtenhain waterfall.


Guest vehicles from Upper Lusatia visit our facility.

An uninvited guest snaked through the landing gear and was completely uninjured.

The hotel "Elbiente" is currently being built in our model workshop.

The finished model in front of the original will soon have its place in the system.


The backs of our advertising signs are painted by an artist from Wehlen.

The 2010 MOBA youth leisure time also brought the model railway youngsters to Rathen.

The enormous rainfall at the beginning of August, which led to major floods in Saxon Switzerland, also triggered mudslides in our facility.

The days of continuous rain not only dissolved entire sandstone rocks but also drove the mice out of their passages. Unfortunately, crossing the tracks also resulted in a death. (Hopefully the wretched voles are all drowned!)

The extreme wetness led to minor operational disruptions and a huge amount of cleaning and maintenance work throughout the entire facility.


With tropical temperatures of almost 40 degrees, some cars preferred to take a cool bath.

On July 31st, 2010 the company AXSTONE presented its weatherproof products in the railway worlds in the health resort Rathen, z. B. flexible and sculptable sandstone as well as some innovations, such as the granite paving!

Lively interest in the Axstone information stand.

Guest vehicle of a workshop participant.

Part of the Bad Schandau embankment before and after coating with malleable and flexible sandstone.


When the weather was moderate, many groups of children visited us on Children's Day.

When the summer weather was really nice, the Heidenau crawling beetles visited us.

In the current heat, maintaining the facility in the midday heat is not easy.

It is much easier for other guests to cool off quickly.

The most critical part of our main line was rebuilt within just a week.
The tight U-turn in the Bad Schandau area was torn down and the Bad Schandau train station relocated by approx. 10 meters, which lengthened and softened the slope.

The now prototypical incline allows longer trains and enables trains to be tracked visually, even over longer distances. At the moment the train station is still being designed.


Three model railroad enthusiasts helped with the gravel of the track system.

A workshop by journalists led to the world of railways.

Our children's work group decorating our facility.

And once again a load and driving test of longer trains.

Our boss at TV recordings on the show "Tell the truth".

The large square in front of the Meissen Cathedral is taking shape.


Many visitors used the Easter weekend to visit when the temperatures were cool.

To the delight of many children, of course, the Easter egg was on the way again by rail.

All guests can see the new model of the Meissen Albrechtsburg castle from afar.

In the meantime, part of the cathedral has also been completed.

And the two large towers of the cathedral are built in our workshop.


The cathedral of the Meissen Albrechtsburg is currently being built in our workshop. Unfortunately, the still deeply frozen ground does not allow any outside work for the foundations and cabling.

In the last week of March the frost was out of the ground and it could be concreted.

Except for the two towers of the cathedral, the Albrechtsburg is finished

On March 26th it went full steam ahead into the new season after just one week of testing.

Many celebrities and press representatives accepted the invitation to open the season.


In this weather you don't chase a dog in front of the hut!

Still the endless white powder!

From February 19 to 21, the 6th model railway experience took place at the Dresden Exhibition Center. More than 12,000 visitors came to the model railway exhibition organized by MEC-Pirna.

Frank, Ronny and Andreas transporting the Albrechtsburg to the fair.

Andreas assembling the castle parts in the "catacombs" of the Albrechtsburg.

Small and large model railroaders in front of the huge Albrechtsburg.

Reiner and Rainer at the narrow stand of the Eisenbahnwelten, the train also passed under the chair.


Like last year, winter has the entire facility firmly under control this year as well.

Die ersten Teile der Albrechtsburg sind fertig und probeweise schon einmal zusammen gebaut.

Railway world in Kurort Raten
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