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Our partners


Pension guest Paul from Brandenburg was back during the autumn break

and helped with daily driving, but also with Andreas at the new industrial park

in the Zittau area.

New in the Kirnitzschtal, the forester's house. Immediately after completion, it was placed on the road.

Pension guest Benny was with us again during the Thuringian autumn vacation and this time got in touch with the control center.



A "Erlkönig" for test drives in the railway world, the new model from PIKO, the BR64 again completed many laps with us and then went back to PIKO.

Like every year, big, amazed children's eyes, the crawling beetles were there again!

The PIKO Promotion Tour in Rathen.

But autumn is also slowly heralding itself.

The detailing in the Kirnitzschtal continues, the mill wheels are running again and the pioneer camp Ostrauer Mühle has been rebuilt.



After the floods on June 6th and the hailstorm on June 9th, 2013 we were able to experience a wave of solidarity. Donors from all countries and federal states and active helpers gave us the courage to rebuild everything in the usual way and quality.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone very much and hope that we have not forgotten anyone in our list (if so, please send us a short information).
Thank you very much, in good faith,
Lothar Hanisch and the entire team at Eisenbahnwelten.

The friendly donors are:

Company PIKO Sonneberg, Company Miniature Concrete Rocco Meyer, Company Joker- Nitzsche, Company Model Railway Prehm, City of Freital, Gasthof "Lichtenhainer Wasserfall" Rainer König, Company SP Electronics Richter, Hobby Boutique Heidenau Ms. Stelzner, Company Inlingua Sprachschule, Company Dr. Ing. Franke GmbH,

East Saxon Railway Association, Saxon. Modellbahner Vereinigung e.V.,

Viola Kretschmer and Jochen Bär, Sabine and Andreas Kessler, Frank Rössel and Reinhard Möller, Thomas Sperling, Wilfried Koch, Manfred Lindenau, Jens Dröge, Uwe Wißer, the Liebold family, Peer Hauschild, Bernhard Hermanns, Woytnik Norbert, Wilfried Frenzel, Eugen Metzger, Jörg May, Enrico Seifert, Jochen Leclaire, Andreas Schindler, the Wießner family, Christian Kittner, Sönke Schröder, Sven Hoffmann, Sabine Vogl, Christian Lehrmann, Andrea Horschke, Monika Gross, Dirk Hebold, Antje Reuter, Uwe and Maren Baensch, Toni and Anett Klotz, Manfred Klotz family, Renate and Manfred Klein, Petra Pedak, Manuela Schaedlich, Birgit Pech, Theophil von Wartburg, Ingolf Storaczek, Torsten Weiser, Manfred Stradinger, Ute Seidler, Peter Füssel, Wolfgang Schulze, Hans-Jürgen Walter, Hendrik and Jaqueline Speek, Tobias Erkan Müller- Reichmann, Heiko Sperling,Gernot Pirker, Jan Schenk, Sascha Schwarze, Karin and Joachim Scholz, Jeanette Dieckmann, Stefan Erler, Walter Prenzlin, Peter and Erika Poppelbaum, Ute Ilho, Simone Schmidt, Peter Darmstädter and Frau, Jutta Wesenack, Hans Jürgen and Ursula Kue, Harald and Gudrun Dathe, Frieder and Katrin Jehring, Dr. Marc Schelhase, Detlev and Silvia Deutschmann, Gerhard and Helga Meissner, Wilfried and Roswitha Frenzel, Jaqueline Frenzel, Ludwig and Regina Müller, Bennis Grandma and Grandpa Friedrich, Barbara Lehmann, Siegward Thums, Christian Sowada, Hagen and Mic Jurczok, Bernd and Sylvia Burmeister , Michael Grun, Frank Spiez Failing, Armin Straube, Petra Dohrmann, Andrea and Uwe Wiesner, Hans Jürgen, Alex and Ulrike Walther, family Adolf Nessler, Jens Weinert, Stefan Zilonkowsky and wife, Liane Börner, Axel and Catrin Rüger, Ralf and Kerstin Assmann, Jaqueline Mahn,Helga Czeczor, Rolf and Brigitte Eichhorn- Mödel, Doreen Eichhorn- Mödel, Wolfgang and Sibylle Reibstein, Angela Gross, Harald Hensel, Hans Joachim and Ursula Jetter, Roland Müller and Manuela Huget, Ludwig and Christiane Weiß, Annette Losse, Heiko Börner, families Wolf and Döhler, Marco Thums, Andreas, Susan and Felix Körger,

Many thanks also to all donors who did not want to be named.

Dear donors, helpers, friends and fans of the "Railway Worlds in the Kurort Rathen".

We assure you that your donation will be used to restore and maintain the facility.


The repairs continue

The whole of July was marked by the ongoing repairs to the damaged buildings and the new construction and reconstruction of our Kirnitzschtalbahn. The entire track structure was re-concreted, this time the tracks were also sunk into the concrete so that the rails are now in the street as in the original. Operations have been running smoothly again since the middle of the month and the Kirnitzschtaolbahn depot was also created as a model.


Unfortunately, the "Second Flood of the Century 2013" did not spare us. Our entrance area was under water and had to be completely cleaned and tidied up after the brown broth of the Elbe had run off. Consolidation measures for the softened embankments must be carried out. The incessant rain of the last few weeks has badly affected some parts of the system. As if all of this wasn't enough, the storm, which took place on June 9th. There was raging in the region, with table tennis balls the size of hailstones and torrential rain devastating the facility. The costs of repairing the damage caused by these catastrophes cannot yet be estimated. If you would like to support us in this, we would appreciate your help:

Eisenbahnwelten Hanisch
Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden
Account 3200014996
BLZ 850 503 00

Thank you very much.

Our employees and friends are on duty from morning to night to restore the system to a functional and attractive condition. Even if not everything will work yet and not all parts of the plant and buildings have been completely repaired, we will reopen on June 12, 2013.

The second flood of the century after 11 years

The whole of Germany is sinking into the floods and the health resort Rathen is also under water.

Rathen with a normal Elbe level.





On 06.06.2013 the "Second Flood of the Century" reached its peak in Rathen. It will not only leave material damage on the property and the garden railway system, but above all high financial damage, since the lack of income from the garden railway system, the guest house and the catering trade. As a self-financing company without sponsors, this hits us particularly hard.

On June 9th, 2013 a storm fell in the region, which first sent gigantic water masses downwards and then destroyed a lot with hailstones the size of table tennis balls. Only the stems of some plants are still standing, the leaves of the pond roses are gone and the privacy screen to the neighbors shows them "Bullets", that's no joke, these are dents in the wood where the wood protection glaze is gone!

Of some plants only the stems are left, the leaves of the pond roses are gone and the screen to the neighbors shows the "bullet holes", the hailstones, the white spots, these are dents in the wood where the protective glaze is gone!

Since some parts of the system were briefly up to 20 cm under water, everything was swam away, bark mulch, split, gravel, figures and many electronic modules in the buildings were flooded! the cracks were pressed, that's almost 20 cm above ground level!

Many buildings have a bullet hole in the other, even 3 mm thick plastic sheets have "punched" them through neatly.


On the weekend after the Gentlemen's Day, the Märklin company presented its current garden railroad models and new products for 2013 at the LGB Days.

Miniature concrete and Joker Nitzsche, as well as real steam garden railroaders friends, were also there this weekend.

After a short address to the celebrities and representatives of the individual companies present, the inauguration of our latest large-scale model, Weesenstein Castle, took place. Also there, Märklin TV.

On Whitsunday, with wonderful weather, many guests visited the health resort Rathen and the railway worlds.

Glorious sunshine on Whitsunday.

The plant with a lot of May growth and flowering perennials.

The "Brothers Grimm" in the railway world.


On Easter Monday our facility presented itself under a "model-appropriate" snow cover of approx. 1 cm.


Preparations for the 2013 season have been underway since March 11th. Unfortunately, around 10 cm of fresh snow does not make this easy for us.

Weesenstein Castle found its place in the complex just in time for Easter.

Railway world in Kurort Raten
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