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October 8th family festival in the health resort Rathen


The world of railways in Oberlausitz TV

A complete lap on our 880 m long main route in fast motion.

New to the facility, the Weißes Roß stop.

The Japanese state television shot in the Railway Worlds in the health resort of Rathen.


Also there like every year, a carrier pigeon. This time, however, the boss landed in the open bathroom window.

Transport outside.

After walking around the facility for a few days, it disappeared again and will hopefully be back next spring.

Finally there, the Ludmilla from PIKO.


Our unusual but extremely loyal guests arrived at the beginning of April like every year, but unfortunately they are not breeding with us again.

Our electronics technicians feed the pair of wild ducks by hand almost every day, pure trust.

An SVT for the Eisenbahnwelten, handover from the builder to the Eisenbahnwelten at the Dresden Steam Locomotive Festival.

The SVT still standing 

And at full speed in the railroad worlds.


At the end of March, shortly before Easter, the system was brought back to life in poor weather.

As every year at the start of the season, it had to be repaired, restored and cleaned.

The trains delivered the sweets punctually for Easter, to the delight of the children of our house guests.

Railway world in Kurort Raten
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