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Construction progress December 2007

Now the Maxit silo is leaving us, it has been with us the entire time it was set up.

At the end of December, the ice floes pile up on our pond in front of the Moritzburg.

October 2005 - the railroad worlds seen from the bastion.

October 2007 - the railroad worlds seen from the bastion.

On December 6th, 2007, Santa Claus and the kindergartens from Rathen and Dresden were guests.

The detailed replica of the model workshop with control center, depot and our guesthouse was created in our model workshop at Matthias'.


Construction progress November 2007

Our new addition to the Piko BR-218 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

If the autumn weather is nice, the 2007 season will come to an end.

View from above of part of the future route of the Weißeritztalbahn.

The first bridge of the Weißeritztalbahn is in use.

At Reinii, bridge arches and the Rathen ferry house are built in the workshop.

The next farmhouses are also being built.


Construction progress October 2007

Rene using the feedback contacts in the Heidenau train station.

Torsten building the next stream in the area of ​​the Weißeritztalbahn.

Matthias during the construction of the Zittau train station.

The Zittau station almost finished in the system.

The Elbe promenade in the health resort Rathen continues to grow.

The climbing hall of Kanu Aktiv Tours is being built in the workshop.

Matthias' favorite.


Construction progress September 2007

The sandstone wall and the first buildings are erected at the Rathen ferry terminal.

Almost completely graveled, the Bertzdorf train station.

New on the layout, the detailed Altenberg train station.


Construction progress August 2007

The Kirnitzschtalbahn is now equipped with 2 yellow tracks.

In glorious sunshine, many guests visit the railway world.

Reiner with further ballasting of the tracks.

50.000. Besucher

Construction continues.

On the last weekend in August 2007, we were able to join the Marschallek family from Dresden as our 50,000. Greet visitors .

There were also interesting guests in the health resort of Rathen on the "big" railway.


Construction progress July 2007

A bone mill is built in the Kirnitzschtal valley.

And a farm at the same time.

Finally the water flows through the oak channel and drives the mill wheel.

Start of construction for the Weißeritztalbahn, our next construction phase.

The Radebeul / Ost train station will soon be coming from our workshop.

2 weeks later, the train station is presented in the layout with absolutely true detail.

On July 28th, 2007, Mr. Uwe Schüler from Crimmitschau visited us and handed us a self-built truck for the further development of our system.

Many many thanks!


Construction progress June 2007

The still partially existing, somewhat bare spots are still being planted and shine in a lush green.

Unfortunately, the missing feedback contacts are still not delivered, so that we could not continue with the ballasting of the rails.


All tracks at Bertsdorf station are occupied.

Entrance at Moritzburg train station.

There is a 4.8 meter difference in altitude between Meißen-Triebischtal and the demonstration workshop.

A freight train with timber loads leaves Radeburg station.

Nadin from Swabia was a hard-working helper for a week - thanks Nadin.

Torsten and Frank build the way to the LGB children's playground.

Part of the complex in the golden evening light.

And an impression in the midday heat.


Construction progress in May 2007

Our ICE has finally reached the right length and meanders through the Elbe Valley.

Thanks to a donation from Mr. Opitz from Bautzen, around 150 figures were added to the system.

The planting of the complex continues to increase, not an easy task with over 5000 m².

The Radeburg train station has been added, and every detail is right here once again.


Construction progress April 2007

Also finished, the Meissen Triebischtal train station.

There is still a lot to do at Moritzburg Castle.

The ticket booth, in the form of a railroad car, is being built.

Public test operation began on April 6, 2007. Many guests have already used this opportunity to take a look at the facility.

Our 5000th visitor, Ms. Kemmler from Chemnitz.

Moritzburg Castle was ready on time for the opening.

On April 22nd, 2007, Saxony's Prime Minister Georg Milbradt visited the railway worlds in the health resort of Rathen at the invitation of Klaus Brähmig, head of the tourism association.

On April 29, 2007 the official opening of the Railway Worlds took place in the health resort Rathen.


Construction progress March 2007

Only about 5 weeks until the public test operation!

The railway stations in Pirna and Heidenau are already in place.

The buildings and engineering structures increase along the routes.

New building blocks from the 1970s.

Bridge in the Zittau Mountains.

An industrial area is created just like a village idyll away from the main route.

Torsten prepares the foundation for a container terminal with a gantry crane.

Rene and Wolf-Rüdiger set the railings on the pedestrian bridges.

Christine, Reiner, Margot and Rainer helped again on the weekend. While Christine was fighting the weeds, Reiner graveled rails.

Reiner on his own construction, the Moritzburg train station.

In a "night and fog" campaign, Margot and Rainer conjured up our logo for the railway worlds in the health resort of Rathen using a projector, laptop, marker pen and facade paint on the gable wall.

On March 15th a film team was with us again and prepared a report for Kabel1. As soon as the broadcast date is set, we will announce it on our website. Here it was just admiring the construction of the Moritzburg stud.


Construction progress February 2007

On February 3rd, 2007 the Rathener Schifferfasching moved past the Eisenbahnwelten.

Margot and Lothar served high-proof drinks to warm up when the temperature was cold.

At our partner ACCRIBIS, our yaw ferry is now ready. As soon as our Elbe flows, it will show whether it, too, is reliably doing its job, driven only by the current.

View of the Moritzburg pond from the roof of the future pension.

Lothar and Professor Jürgen Hubberth (Member of the Board of Management of Daimler Chrysler AG) talk about the world of railways.

As the opening date is getting closer and closer, the women in our team and also some wives supported us with the "dragging the earth" on Saturday! Woman power at the platform edge!


We were also surprised by the camera team from MDR television.
On Saturday, February 24th, 2007, a first short report about the world of railways was shown on television.



Construction progress January 2007

The entrance to the depot of our trains is ready.

Look into the depot. Some trains are parked here on 3 tracks in 3 levels.

Heidenau station is ready.

The shell of the Meissen Triebischtal train station.

Thanks to the mild winter, the last rails have also been laid in the entrance area. And suddenly there was still some winter!

After the snow plow has cleared the rails, the passenger trains are also making good progress.

Railway world in Kurort Raten
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